Journal Application Demonstration

Online Journal Application

Below set of mock organizations that we have set up for this journal application demonstration. Select one of the organizations from the list to explore how that mock organization is configured to use the journalling application:

Acme Tool   This organization is set up for anonymous participants and includes optional modules such as the Help System, the Internal Messaging System, a Survey Module, and pre- and post-surveys.

Anderson Consulting   This organization is set up to handle "open registrations:" anyone with a valid email address can register, and if email is confirmed, can use the system unless specifically blocked by an administrator. No optional modules are configured for this example at this time but they can be easily deployed by the administrator.

Obsidian Communications   Obsidian Communications is set up to be an "invitational" site: prospective users are invited by staff; no open registration. In this demo, you can simulate responding to an invitation and then enter the system as a user. If you sign in as an administrator, you can experiment with the invitation system and other administrative routines.

Summerville Systems   Summerville Systems is set up to accept "open/self registrations," but prospective users do not gain access until they are approved by administrative staff. Explore this application to see how it differs from the other examples.

Timberline Analytics   Timberline is another example of an anonymous setup: individuals are invited to participate and when they respond, their information is encrypted, they are given a random-generated user name, and they select a password to be used. An adminisator could, with a little work, go into the database and decrypt the user information but for interactions within the platform, the participants are anonymous. Explore how this is handled in the various parts of the application.

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